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Designed with space technology in mind, Benefit BADgal BANG Mascara gives a dramatic volume by delivering lightweight aero particles to the lashes. It is formulated with ProVitamin B5 This mascara is the most volume for your lashes. With a smudge-proof formula that is incredibly strong that won't move for long periods of time. What's more, it's vegan-friendly! This mascara is truly unique.

Carbon black

The Benefit BADgal Bang Mascara adds major volume length, lift, and volume to your lashes with just one swipe. With its slim line brush you can reach every single lash, from root to tip for a stunning appearance. The product is waterproof, smudgeproof, and is compatible with the BADgal Bang Pencil. To get the most dramatic effect, use the product on both the upper and lower lashes.

Benefit BADgal Bang Volumizing Mascara contains aero-particles. They are the lightest substances known to man and create a lightweight mascara. It coats the lashes evenly for full-on coverage. It can be used for up to 36 hours. Benefit's BADgal Bang Volumizing mascara is a total volume enhancer and the ideal mascara for benefit bad gal bang mascara all women's needs.

The Benefit BADgal BANG 24 Hour Eye Pencil is a water-resistant, smudge-proof formula that glides on smoothly and then sets to an impervious matte finish and lasts for up hours. It has a built-in smudgeproof wand that creates the perfect smokey eye in only seconds. The product is waterproof and you'll be amazed by its durability.


Benefit's BADgal Bang Mascara makes use of space technology. The weightless aero particles give lashes a full volume without being heavy or weighing them down. It also includes ProVitamin B5. This mascara provides your lashes with the maximum volume and lift, resulting in longer, stronger mascara. This mascara is innovative and available to take a closer look. Let's get started!

The BADgal Bang! The 36-Hour Full-Blast Volumizing mascara provides huge volume without weighing down the lashes. Aero-particles are among the lightest materials known, and this formula is derived from space technology. Because aero-particles are so lightweight they can be easily layered and has 360-degree coverage. BADgal BANG is light and easy to apply. also has 360-degree reach, making it the ideal mascara for people with a busy lifestyle.

The BADgal Bang mascara is waterproof and waterproof and smudge-proof. It features a sleek brush that gives your lashes incredible volume. The wand is able to reach the base of the lashes and the top of the lashes. This makes it easy to create dramatic effects by only one swipe. You should apply the product on both your lower and upper lashes to get the best results. After you've applied the formula apply your mascara of choice to increase the volume and shape of your lashes.


Benefit BADgal Bang! is a volumizing mascara that delivers huge volume without the weight of your lashes. Aero-particles in the mascara are made from materials that were developed in space technology and Bad Gal bang are designed to reach every lash. The 360-degree spoolie bristles cover every lash from the root to the top. By applying a layer of product will build up the volume and make your lashes appear bigger than ever.

This Benefit mascara is waterproof and smudgeproof, making it an ideal choice for those who want their lashes to stay looking beautiful all day. It contains a unique blend of provitamin B5 as well as aero-particles. It also comes with an inbuilt lash conditioning system which will make your lashes silky and soft. To increase the volume of your lashes, you can use it with the BADgal Bang Pencil.

Benefit is an established brand that consistently produces excellent products. Their mega-seller They're Real! has plenty to provide, Badgal Bang! is particularly popular for its incredible lengthening and volumizing effects. Benefit BADgal Bang! is a great option for anyone looking to add volume and drama to their lashes without spending a fortune. To get the most dramatic effect, it should be applied to both the upper lashes and the lower lashes.


If you're looking for benefit bang mascara a volumizing full-coverage mascara look at the funky blue formula from Benefit Cosmetics. This cult mascara has aero-particles derived from space technology that help create volume while you apply it on. The conical shape of the wand make it easy to reach the center of your eyelashes as well as your inner corners.

The formula is awash with a long list of attractive claims. Bad Gal Bang mascara claims that it lasts for 36 hours. It's waterproof, smudge-proof, and promises massive volume. We have to give it a try after all the hype! The best part is that it's affordable! it! It's just $24 for a full-size 0.3-oz. tube. tube. The 0.14-oz. version is also available. miniature version for $12.

The packaging of the Benefit Badgal Bang! The packaging of the Benefit Badgal Bang mascara is eye-catching and amusing. Its spiky studs look more at the fetish club than on a mascara brush. The black color stays on throughout the day, but it can transfer to your upper lid. The mascara doesn't cost a lot but it could be transferred onto your upper lid. If you want a black mascara you must have this.

Volume added

Benefit BADgal Bang mascara adds major volume without adding weight to your lashes. Made from aero-particles that are the tiniest of materials that are derived from space technology, this formula creates impressive volume in just one swipe. Its slim line brush reaches the base, then extending to the tip and all around. Benefit Bang is available in two sizes: a standard and a mini. It's available in two sizes: standard and mini.

Benefit BADgal Bang mascara contains provitamin B5 as well as being waterproof, smudge-proof, and waterproof. It can be worn with Benefit's BADgal BANG Eyelash Pencil and It's Real! Eyelash Primer to add extra volume to your lashes. You can also apply the smudge-proof BADgal bang bang mascara benefit pencil to achieve the perfect eye makeup look.

Lash force

Bad Gal Bang mascara is no exception. It boasts many features that include waterproofing and smudge-proof. It also claims to dramatically boost the volume of your mascara. But how does it do this? We examined the ingredients to determine. It's also only $15 USD. What's more, you can buy it now at Sephora!

The formula in Benefit BADgal Bang Mascara is made with provitamin b5 and contains aero-particles. It promises to last up to 36 hours and is water and smudge-proof. The mascara can be applied with a primer that is waterproof to apply eyeshadow. The result is a lashes look that is strong and bold!

BADgal Bang Mascara gives your hair volume without adding weight. It also contains aero-particles, the tiniest of materials used in space technology. It can be used on the lower and upper lashes. The angled brush is soft and flexible and allows for a consistent application. It can also be used on the tips of the lashes.

It's easy to apply

This mascara is easy to apply and will appeal to those who love the Benefit brand. It's packed with ingredients that will increase the strength and volume to your lashes. The thick liquid texture glides easily onto the eyelashes. The pink-colored name is written in pink letters. Benefit Badgal Bang Mascara ought to be a must-have in every Benefit fan's makeup bag.

Benefit's 'BADgal Bang!' Available in waterproof mascara The ultralight aeroparticles of this waterproof formula allow you to build volume and length. The wand is able to be rotated 360 degrees and extends from the top of your lashes all the way to its tips. It also has an ointment that is waterproof, so it's simple to take off. It stays on for hours so you don't need to worry about messy application.

Benefit's Badgal Bang is a funky eye makeup look that you will enjoy if you're a fan! Mascara. The wand can't be smudged, however, there is a possibility of transfer onto your lid. But don't worry! Badgal Bang! It's easy to apply mascara and won't cause creases. It also has a lovely style that's fanned out.


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